CAP(Certified Administrative Professional)はアメリカ、カンザスシティに本部を持つ
IAAP(International Association of Administrative Professionals)が実施する




  【1】 ネイティブレベルのビジネス英語力
  【2】 Management, IT, 会計など、広範囲に渡る専門知識
  【3】 世界に通用する資格(特に外資系や外国人上司の場合) 
  【4】 実務実績      





*IT知識(ソフト・ハード・システム)  *データのセキュリティ管理  *人間工学  *人的ネットワーキング  *デイシジョン・メイキング
*オフィスコミュニケーション(Oral, Written)、 ビジネスレター  *人的ネットワーキング  *英文会計(P/L B/S) 
*会議の準備・議事録の作成  *ファイリング管理  *マネジメント(経営理論、人事管理)  *タイムマネジメント

IAAP(International Association of Administrative Professionals)
  10502 N. Ambassador Dr., Suite 100 Kansas City, MO 64153
  Phone: 816.891.6600 (24-hr messaging)/ Fax: 816.891.9118

試験内容は予告なく変更される場合があります。 最新の情報はIAAPのWebサイトでご確認ください。

CAPサンプル問題 (試験はすべて4択問題です。)

1. Bankston, the owner of a local daycare facility, is sending a report to the management of a local manufacturing firm outlining a plan to provide child-care services for its employees.
Which type of informal report should Bankston use?

A) Recommendation
B) Feasibility
C) Progress
D) Information

2. Analyzing how time is spent helps to identify problem areas in the workplace including common time-wasters such as

A) disorganization
B) information overload
C) time constraints
D) internal controls

3. Senior-level persons who help new people get accustomed to their jobs and provide guidance, direction, and support during the process are called

A) proteges
B) top-level manager
C) mentors
D) orienters

4. Gender-free language is evident in which one of the following sentences?

A) The flight attendant responded to his passengers' questions about the flight today
B) Each evening, the cleaning woman tidied up the office and vacuumed the carpet.
C) Each administrative professional agreed to review the proposal for salary increases.
D) During the holiday season, a special black-tie dinner is planned for the corporate executives and their wives.

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